There are many ways the “Hit this if you can” product can be used. It’s perfect for drill work and can be used during pre-game batting practice. This product because of its ultra light weight has a tendency to curve. Here’s one way it can be used. As the pitcher throw with the wind blowing into your face. Stand 12 to 20 feet away from the hitter depending on how hard the wind is blowing.  With easy and fluid arm action the pitcher tosses the ball to the hitter.  The ball does all the work. The  ball breaks late forcing the hitter to track the ball all the way in.  Training the hitter to not give up on the pitch and to stay focused.  With the HIT THIS! product the hitter should anticipate that the ball will break and make the necessary adjustments require to strike the ball with consistency.

  • HIt This! Curve Ball Training
  • Training Balls that Move Any kid can throw them
  • All Ages 5 to 95
  • Water resistent Built to last
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