If you’re lucky enough to be playing this great game – you need this product!

Why not give yourself – your kid – or your team every opportunity to succeed possible.

This product WILL make a difference in the way you feel as a hitter – I guarantee it!

Just use the Power Grip Wrap two to three times a week for 6 weeks. If you don’t feel a noticeable difference in your swing – I’ll buy it back. I am that confident in this product – keep reading to find out more about the Power Grip Wrap. Below is a video clip of how to setup and use the Power Grip Wrap. Here it is used with wiffle balls in soft toss drills from the side and the front. Train like you have never trained before – Get stronger! Hit it harder!

Are there similar products out there? No, there’s nothing quite like it. Most products along these lines are NOT designed to use in actual contact with a baseball, tennis ball, or wiffle ball. This one is. Most bat weights are barrel based. Which means the weight is designed to fit over the barrel of the bat, which in turn produces a top-heavy bat. When you swing a bat with a weighted object at the barrel, more often than not, and especially for younger kids, that bat tends to swing the child. This produces more bad habits than good. The bat barrel tends to drop below the back shoulder, producing a sweeping, long swing.

What is it used for? The Power Grip Wrap, once loaded, uses two bats that have been perfectly balanced by the manufacturer. It wraps them safely together, and actually allows you to make contact with a moving ball. The product was designed to strengthen a player’s grip, while still maintaining the hitter’s swing mechanics. It also strengthens a hitter’s core, while offering immediate feedback at contact with the ball. It promotes swing fitness by developing over all balance before and after the swing.

Again, one of this product’s greatest attributes is what it teaches at contact with the ball. Many, if not all, professional hitting instructors stress when at contact with the ball, your top hand should be facing up toward the sky, and your bottom hand should be facing down toward the ground. This is called “palm up, palm down” at contact. When this product is properly used it promotes this concept (palm up and palm down at contact).

Setup to use this product correctly? Place both bat barrels on the ground in front of you. When done correctly you should look like a golfer setting up to strike a golf ball. Place the bat handle that is closest to the ground in your fingertips (in your fingers just before your fingers connect with your palm). Grip firmly and lift. Be sure not to grip the bats at the very end. We suggest griping the bats 1 and a half to two inches above the handles. Get in your hitting stance swing slowly and stop at contact. If you have gripped the Power Grip Wrap correctly, both bats should be available for contact. If both bats are available for contact you will be in the “palm up palm down” position, which will produce the best results when you’re looking to hit the ball hard.

What drills can be performed using the Power Grip Wrap? We recommend using the Power Grip Wrap in all Soft toss type drills. We promote a soft toss regimen of drills that I would be happy to email any user of the Power Grip Wrap. This regimen of drills will promote the type of bat speed require to hit the ball with authority. This product works – period. I have used it religiously with my team for the past few seasons. My teams have consistently out hit every team we have played. The Power Grip Wrap, when used regularly, will give you the advantage you need to put your team on top.