Keep Swinging

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Practice is important, but proper practice is more important.

Used at all levels of the game, the concept of swinging multiple bats has been around since the game of baseball began.  It can still be seen today in on-deck circles across the country, and will be used for some time to come.

This new innovation, known as the POWER GRIP WRAP, takes that concept one step further. Rather than merely warming your muscles up with swinging two bats at the same time, why not train with two bats?

Here’s what the POWER GRIP WRAP, with regular use, can do for you:

Strengthen Grip

Increase Core Strength and Flexibility

Build Stamina and Swing Fitness Levels

Boost Bat Speed

Train on Proper Contact with the Ball

Reinforce “Palm up – Palm down” at Contact

Identify and Build Balance Awareness




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