Hitting 101 – “Feel Drills”

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What are “feels”?

“Feels” are defined movements used to establish, develop, and or trigger “specific actions.”

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“Specific actions” are movements, that are generally personal in nature, that are required to get your body to move more efficiently, according to your specific swing. 

Big leaguers use “feels” all the time. Sometimes very exaggerated feels. Think Hunter Pence. Click this YouTube video for a visual. https://youtu.be/EkdmZJV8Jfw

 “Feels,” as seen in the video, are often not the actual movement performed in a game but are movements that trigger certain other movements. At least in the mind. Thus, training the mind and body to move in specific ways.

In the Hitting 101 document, in products, you will find 7 distinct “feels’ to help new and old hitters alike train the body to move more efficiently. These fundamental movements are a way of getting both your body and mind on the same page. Essentially, thru these movements you are creating connections between the mind and body. Like I have always said “Practice is good, but proper practice is better.”

Remember, hitting is about repetition and repeating proper movements is essential to producing a dynamic adjustable swing. It is said, that nerves the fire together stay together. The more these movements are performed the more likely they will become part of your larger movements. The small movements become the big movements. The micro becomes the macro.

Here is how it works. At the point when hitters focus on profound, concentrated practice, they fire signs to their nerves, consequently developing myelin around those nerves. The more myelin they produce, the more expertise, or muscle memory, they create. The more the nerve fires, the more myelin folds over it.

What is myelin, here is the definition. Myelin is a lipid-rich substance that surrounds nerve cell axons to insulate them and increase the rate at which electrical impulses are passed along the axon. The myelinated axon can be likened to an electrical wire with insulating material around it. (“Myelin – google-wiki.info”)

Bottom line, these “Feel” drills were designed to incorporate specific movements, so the brain doesn’t forget the basics. All working from the ground up to apply maximum damage while at the plate.

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