Hit this! If you can.

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The curve ball is widely used and rarely mastered. Why not train to consistently hit this pitch? With the HIT THIS! product YOU CAN.

The HIT THIS! Product produces a breaking pitch allowing hitters to train on recognizing, tracking, and hitting a curving ball with consistency. Not every pitch is strike – just like in a real game. Refine your strike zone too!

Benefits of using the HIT THIS! Product:

  • Easy to use and throw
  • Challenging to Hit
  • Refines peripheral vision
  • Trains eyes to track any pitch
  • Requires concentration to track
  • Fun to use
  • Safe to use indoors

What makes this product different from the other curve ball type products on the market?

  • It’s less expensive
  • Longer lasting
  • Water resistant
  • Limited flight after contact
  • Use regular / normal arm action
  • Simple to use – not easy to hit.

How many coaches have a great curve ball? How many can throw a breaking pitch that actually breaks? Not many! With the HIT THIS! product THEY CAN!

What is the curve ball? For many pitchers, it’s their out pitch. The pitch they throw to get the hitter out. Training to consistently hit this pitch can only make you a tougher out. More hits – a better batting average – more games won.

The time has come for hitters to train with regularity on how to hit this pitch.


With the product in hand, a pitcher stands 15 to 20 feet away from a hitter. With easy and fluid arm action the pitcher tosses the ball to the hitter. The ball does all the work. The ball breaks late forcing the hitter to track the ball all the way in. Training the hitter to not give up on the pitch and to stay focused. With the HIT THIS! product the hitter should anticipate that the ball will break and make the necessary adjustments require to strike the ball with consistency.

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