How to setup the Power Grip Wrap

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The Power Grip can be used with one or two bats.  We recommend that younger hitter use the product with only one bat.  For more information on that see post to follow.


Load bat one into one end of the Wrap
Load from the opposite end of Velcro strap. Hold wrap with one hand push bat in with the other. Push bat head to the end of the wrap.

Load bat two into the other end of the Wrap
Again load from opposite end of Velcro strap. Insert bat two into the open slot. Hold wrap and first bat with one hand push with the other. Push bat head to the end of the wrap.

Hold bats side by side
Once the bats have been inserted hold the unit in front of you. Hold one bat in each hand. Make sure one handle is higher than the other. Height difference in handles should be no more than one-knob height. See picture.

Twist at handles
While still holding one bat in each hand – twist. Once the full twist is complete handles should touch. Again – one knob handle will be higher than the other. Hold bats securely in this position – both bats touching.

Secure bat with strap
While holding bat handles together with one hand grab Velcro strap with other hand and secure (the Velcro strap should not be hanging). Make sure Velcro strap is sufficiently secure. Handles should be touching after the strap is secured.

Get ready to use
Set both bat heads on the ground – this is the same setup a golfer uses to hit a golf ball. When bat heads are on the ground side by side the handles should be stacked one on top of the other. Place both hands on the handles.

Proper grip of the Power Grip Wrap
Put the bat closest to the ground in your fingertips. Ideally, where you fingers connect with your palm. It does not matter which of the two bats is on the bottom. Grip the bat securely with both hands and lift.

Are you using the Power Grip Wrap correctly?
Check for the proper grip by slow motion swinging and stopping at where you would contact the ball – ideally in front of your front hip. While in this position the bats should be stacked on top of each other with both barrels facing the pitcher and directly available for contact.

Ideal contact point is the middle of both bats
Make sure both barrels are facing the pitcher at contact. With both barrels facing the pitcher at contact – top hand will be PALM UP and bottom hand will be PALM DOWN.

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