What is it? An ultra light-weight training ball designed to last. This product has many uses from drill work to batting practice. In a batting practice setting It is intended to help the hitter train to hit the curveball. It’s easy to throw and difficult to hit. Used for drill work – it’s made to last – swing after swing.

Are there similar products out there?There are many training balls products on the market, but none that are as inexpensive as the HIT THIS! product and the HIT THIS! product lasts, swing after swing after swing. Just think of how many wiffle balls you’ve gone through. They rarely last a few practice sessions let alone an entire season. Well, the HIT THIS! product will.

What is it used for?Drill work & BP – for BP it can be use one of two ways. If thrown with the wind the pitcher can stand at regulation distances allowing the hitter to work on their timing. Thrown into the wind it the pitcher will need to stand 12 to 20 ft feet away from the hitter depending on how strong the wind is blowing. Use in this fashion it will improve a hitter’s ability to hit the curveball. The curveball is a difficult pitch to hit and is seen more and more frequently these days. The higher the level of play the more and more prevalent this pitch has become. Why not practice to master the curveball?

What does it feel like when you hit it?Well, you have to hit it first. That’s the tough part, but once you do, you will certainly get the feeling of hitting something. Unlike the Wiffle ball, you will get the sensation of actually making contact with something. If you hit it well, you will know. There is feeling at impact that can only be described as satisfying. I can’t say the same thing about hitting a Wiffle ball.

What drills do you recommend doing while using the HIT THIS! product?Here are just a few that have worked for me, along with the purpose for using them. 1. HIT THIS! Batting practice – Train to hit the breaking pitch. Recognize-Track-Destroy 2. Underhand Lob Drill – Teach the hitter to wait for the ball to come down into the hitting zone. 3. Behind the Hitter Soft Toss Drill – Develops the habit of staying inside the ball when hitting. 4. Two Ball Soft Toss – Gets the hitter to concentrate and keep the weight back. 5. Drop the Ball Drill – Teaches the hitter to stay down on the ball. It also helps develop quickness in the hands. 6. Knob to the Ball Drill – Gets the hitter to keep hands inside the ball.

What is it like under windy conditions?The first thing you need to identify when using the HIT THIS! product for pre-game or a curveball drill session is which direction the wind is blowing. Throwing into the wind will create a more drastic breaking pitch while throwing with the wind will allow you to stand further away from your hitter. Remember: easy arm action is the key. Do not try to force the curve of the ball or throw the ball too hard. This creates an inconsistent pitch. Let the ball do the work.

  • Drills (Hit THIS - Training Balls) Hit This! If you can.
  • Soft Toss From ALL Directions
  • Ages All ages
  • Year 2016
  • Website www.baseup.org

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