Hit this if you can! Training balls. Can we order in Bulk?

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Can I order in Bulk?
Of course. Many customers are buying bulk. There are discounts based on quantities ordered. Email me at bobesquerra@baseup.org for more information.

How long will they last and what happens if they get wet?
The HIT THIS product is made to last. We have been swinging on the same balls for over 8 months. You can’t get that kind of durabilty from a wiffle ball. These balls are water resisent. If you got them wet and then hit them on to dirt, however they will get dirty.

What kind of bat can we use?
Any bat can be used. If you used a broom stick it would only make it harder to hit. These balls can take a beating.

Can I use the Power Grip Wrap?
Yes, make sure you control your body when you swing. Choke up, so the bats will not be too heavy and make sure you are “palm up – palm down” at contact. For more information on the Power Grip Wrap go to the Home Page.

For more information, please contact powergripwrap@baseup.org

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