5 Ways to be better hitter

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5 ways to be a better hitter.

1. Train differently.

2. Fix flaws now.

3. Get help. 

4. Keep learning.

5. Keep swinging.


1.  Train differently.  Don’t train like you have always trained.  Of course, that pre-supposes you actually train.  Seriously, though, you have to keep things new and exciting.  Try new ways of doing the same thing.  Break it down into small pieces and perfect those pieces.

2.  Fix flaws now.  If you have perceived flaws in your swing, get a second opinion.  Not all hitting coaches are the same.  Fundamental hitting concepts are, though.  Sometimes coaches only know one way to teach a particular aspect of the swing and sometimes those concepts can’t be absorbed in the way they should.  Have different aspects of your swing presented another way from another coach.

3.  Get help.  Get help with your swing.  I have been playing and coaching this game a long time.  Your swing right now, if you’re young, say 7 to 10 years old, is pretty much the same swing you will have when you’re 14 or 15.  Fix flaws now before it’s too late.  Don’t wait until a month from high school freshman baseball tryouts.  It will be too late.  Yes, it is that 10 thousand hours of training thing.  If your kid is competing against a kid who has more training, he or she will lose.

4. Keep learning. No one hitter knows everything and real hitters never stops learning.  They read, and they swing.  They listen, and they swing.  A hitter’s swing is developed over time.  Meaning it evolves; it changes based on age, body type, and strength.  Don’t always expect to hit like the guys you see on TV.  Most of the time those guys are true freaks of nature.  BE YOU.  BElieve in YOUrself.

5.  Keep swinging.  A swing needs to be maintained.  It’s like watering the grass, (maybe not in San Diego because of the drought), or eating.  It has to happen every day or your grass will die and so will you if you don’t eat.  Keep swinging.  Keep maintaining your swing.  Ask your hitting instructor for drills you could do off the field to maintain your swing on the field.  Off the field hitting drills are like multi-vitamins.  They will help preserve your swing so when you need it, it is there.

There it is, the quick 5.  If you live in San Diego, I would love to help.  I offer no obligation hitting evaluations.  I will give you the second opinion you need to keep progressing.  Check outwww.baseup.org for more details.  Coach Bob

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  1. James Feldman

    Hi Bob, I REALLY enjoyed working with you for the short time my son Seth had at Stars. Although we decided early on to pursue a different direction, I APPRECIATED your approach and was wondering if you are interested in offering a hitting lesson for my son (7)and his 8 year old friend. Please let me know your rate or what offerings you have and location,day and time options, I look forward to seeing you again if your available.

    Best regards,

    James Feldman

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